Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our New Building is Almost Ready!

Hey Everyone!

Well, as you know, we are eagerly anticipating moving into our new building. All that needs to happen for us to “gain occupancy” is for the fire sprinkler system to be tested and for the facility to pass it’s final inspection. If everything goes well we will be able to have our first worship service on May 18th.
There is really no way that I can think of to adequately thank all of you who helped with this process by giving financially, praying faithfully, and volunteering to work on the building. Our general contractor, Dan Schillperoort, says he believes volunteers have saved us about $200,000 in labor! I also struggle to express how excited our church family is about having a church “home” of our own.
In addition to having worship each week, we will use the new facility for weekly youth group meetings, weekly discipleship groups, various children’s ministry events, outreach events, sports camps, etc. Eventually, we hope to have a school, summer day camp, and more!
Maybe the most exciting part of all of this is the fact that the teenagers in our youth group have a strong sense of “ownership” their new church building because they have invested many, many hours (along with some “blood, sweat, and tears”) in the renovations of the building. Over the last two summers 55 teenagers from White Swan put in 100 hours per summer per student toward work on the building, working on homes of elders and single moms, and helping our teams and staff host Kid’s Clubs in the tribal housing projects. All of us on staff are thrilled with the desire that the students have to minister to their own community and to be involved in meaningful opportunities to serve. These young leaders are learning that they can share the love and truth of Christ even now.
We would love for you to come visit us on a Sunday whenever you have an opportunity. Mark May 18th on your calendar if you’d like to be at our first service. We’ll let you know asap if there is a problem that prevents us from meeting that week. We plan on having a “Dedication Service” three or four weeks after the first service at which you would, of course, be welcome. We also hope to have a “Grand Opening” in July with a bbq, games, etc. and a “Family Field Day” in the fall.
Thanks again for your partnership, for all of your prayers, and for your love for us and for His Kingdom. God bless you and yours. We hope to see you soon!

In Him!

Chris Granberry

Our Youth Group with the Sacred Road Float at the Harrah, WA Fall Parade

One of the actors in the Bible story/skit at Kid's Club

A little friend who stole my heart at the Adam's View Kid's Club

Yaanibaah and Ann Marie in Totus Park