Wednesday, September 23, 2020

March 2020 Update during Covid 19

 Dear Friends, Family, Prayer Warriors, & Financial Supporters! March 27, 2020

When Chris first came to the Yakama reservation in the summer of 2000, he was struck with many emotions. He was so overwhelmed with the needs, he cried out, “Lord, I know you are the answer, but I don’t even know what the question is!”

Not too much time passed before the Lord led the Granberrys to move full time to Indian country. It was clear that God had a plan and we were to be there. We did not know what the plan would entail at that time, but we obeyed and decided to do our best to just “be” God’s children in this place. 

We are at a similar season again, a crossroads of overwhelming emotion and few answers. The impact of the covid 19 virus has hit and created more questions than answers. Here again Jesus is the answer; but how do we ask the right questions in times like these? We want to ask, “How long, Oh Lord?” We want to know how we will live in these changing circumstances. Can we direct these questions to our Lord? Can we look and see where God is working and ask to join Him in building the Kingdom, even in these “quarantined” circumstances? 

Here on the Yakama reservation, all of our spring teams were cancelled; but we did as much outreach with children as we could before the quarantine orders began. We are now having  cancellations of our summer teams as well, and of course our Sunday services. We are prepared to help meet the immediate needs in our community, while we are all staying in our own homes. There is an isolation and a strange sort of bonding taking place. I pray that in this time, if “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” the Lord will soften hearts and draw many towards His love and their need for fellowship with believers. 

We do not know what ministry on the rez will look like in our immediate future, but there will be plenty to do. We do not know how everyone in our little church plant is doing, but as we live stream a service on Sunday mornings we are being joined by some we haven’t seen in quite some time. Current communication is stretching beyond the congregation we have been in the past. May it move us towards the Gospel community we will be.

Please feel free to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 PST on the Sacred Road Facebook page as we live stream our services.

Thanks for joining with us, Mary   

This is our quarantine crew. I was once asked if our place was a half-way house. I laughed then and smiled this week as I thought about that again. We are all more aware of our personal journeys during this time. We are all in transition - towards holiness and the selves we were created to be. We are blessed to have each other on the journey.