Monday, March 2, 2009

Spurgeon Rocks! Please Read and Pray for me/us.

I've been a huge fan of Charles Spurgeon for years. Reading two devotions this morning really got me thinking and praying. I found myself imagining scenes from "The Lord of the Rings" movies as I read. Please take the time to read these, think about them, and pray along these lines for me/us.

Thanks and God Bless You and Yours.

"Run Wild with the Hope" ~ Rich Mullins



Morning: March 2, 2009

"But all the Israelites went down to the Philistines, to sharpen every man his share, and his coulter, and his ax, and his mattock." 
--1 Samuel 13:20

We are engaged in a great war…. Every weapon within our reach must be used. Preaching, teaching, praying, giving, all must be brought into action, and talents which have been thought too mean for service, must now be employed.

Coulter, and axe, and mattock, may all be useful in slaying (our spiritual enemies); rough tools may deal hard blows, and killing need not be elegantly done, so long as it is done effectually. Each moment of time, in season or out of season; each fragment of ability, educated or untutored; each opportunity, favourable or unfavourable, must be used, for our foes are many and our force but slender.

Most of our tools (need) sharpening; we need quickness of perception, tact, energy, promptness, in a word, complete adaptation for the Lord's work. Practical common sense is a very scarce thing among the conductors of Christian enterprises. We might learn from our enemies if we would, and so make the Philistines sharpen our weapons. This morning let us note enough to sharpen our zeal during this day by the aid of the Holy Spirit.

Mark the heathen devotees, what tortures they endure in the service of their idols! Are they alone to exhibit patience and self-sacrifice?

Observe the prince of darkness, how persevering in his endeavours, how unabashed in his attempts, how daring in his plans, how thoughtful in his plots, how energetic in all! The devils are united as one man in their infamous rebellion, while we believers in Jesus are divided in our service of God, and scarcely ever work with unanimity. O that from Satan's infernal industry we may learn to go about like good Samaritans, seeking whom we may bless!


Evening: March 2, 2009

"Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ." 
--Ephesians 3:8

The apostle Paul felt it a great privilege to be allowed to preach the gospel. He did not look upon his calling as a drudgery, but he entered upon it with intense delight. Yet while Paul was thus thankful for his office, his success in it greatly humbled him. The fuller a vessel becomes, the deeper it sinks in the water.

Idlers may indulge a fond conceit of their abilities, because they are untried; but the earnest worker soon learns his own weakness. If you seek humility, try hard work; if you would know your nothingness, attempt some great thing for Jesus.

If you would feel how utterly powerless you are apart from the living God, attempt especially the great work of proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ, and you will know, as you never knew before, what a weak unworthy thing you are. Although the apostle thus knew and confessed his weakness, he was never perplexed as to the subject of his ministry.

From his first sermon to his last, Paul preached Christ, and nothing but Christ. He lifted up the cross, and extolled the Son of God who bled thereon. Follow his example in all your personal efforts to spread the glad tidings of salvation, and let "Christ and Him crucified" be your ever recurring theme….

Oh! to speak of Christ alone, this is the subject which is both "seed for the sower, and bread for the eater." This is the live coal for the lip of the speaker, and the master-key to the heart of the hearer.

Entry taken from Morning and Evening, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Videos of the "2009 Whirlwind Tour"

Wendell Hannigan, Jack "Wildman" Spencer, Rev. Eric Irwin and I visited five states in seven days in mid-February 2009. We had the honor of speaking at three churches, two seminaries, and a university. We hoped to spread the word about the work the Lord is doing in White Swan, meet with potential interns and staff, and raise awareness about the needs on the rez and the opportunities to reach out to our first neighbors with the love and truth of Christ.

The trip exceeded my expectations in many ways. It was wonderful to hear Wendell and Jack share openly with the churches and students. It was also very encouraging to see the outpouring of concern and love expressed by so many who heard them speak. 

We also had a lot of great food, saw a lot of wonderful places, and enjoyed being together. 

If you'd like to see the videos please go to:

I hope you'll take the time to watch!



Mission to North America Article

Hey Ya'll!

Thought you might want to read this article about Sacred Road in MNA's quarterly magazine "Multiply". Please feel free to pass it on to others who may be interested too.