Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update from a Sweet Summer Intern (and so much more!) Mollie Simpkins

Hey beautiful people!

So much to say, but I might forget some details.

I'm sorry that it's been so long since I’ve talked to most of you. Things get a little busy out here. Not an excuse! :)Anyways I wanted to just tell a little bit about what I have been doing for the past month and what's going on on the REzzzzzZ.

This is my life for the summer. I do go into work, which is my missionary family's house, and I cook and put together kids ministry programs and crafts. I have a variety of random jobs I might also get assigned to. On team weeks, I would then go to kids club in the afternoon and spend the evenings with teams. Then at night I come home with the other girl interns and staff, so basically our team is are all together all day everyday. And it's wonderful. I love it.

I arrived in May and had a long week and a half of staff orientation that went great! I learned a lot about what it means to be behind the scenes in a ministry (and still learning obviously) and what it takes to be able to work with people and serve. We have such a beautiful little community here within Sacred Road. It's great to be surrounded with these people everyday. Our staff theme for the summer is "Image of God." We wanted that to be our constant reminder throughout the summer... that all these people you are surrounded with are so precious and beautiful... in the image of God. It’s been really fun to be able to get to know our team – I really see them all as family (haha a giant family of course).

I went down to the Warm Springs Reservation our first team week - it was great to see ministry happening there, but it is so dark. Please pray for the people on that rez.. There are many relations to Yakama here in Washington. Pray for the ministry happening there this summer! We have been able to get really involved with working with the actual tribal workers...maintenance people and others. Last team week… these guys had a big BBQ with salmon and different meats. That’s really special! And awesome that we are making friendships down in Warm Springs. They are doing children's Ministry at a boys and girls club, and it is going well - keep praying that the kids, their homes, and that they would see the hope of Jesus.

A couple weekend ago I was able to go to the Treaty Days Pow Wow. It was amazing to see the dancers and drummers there. What an experience! It was so awesome.

This past week we had a team here in Yakama from Idaho and Chicago. They worked on roofing and painting houses, and had kids club in the afternoon. I have been working a lot on the kitchen crew cooking for the teams! I'm learning a lot about cooking, so hopefully that will happen more in my dorm next year. This summer i'm going to a housing project neighborhood called "Adams View" in the afternoon for kids club. It was great to start to get to know the kids there. We played with sidewalk chalk, 4 square, tag, jump-rope, crafts, etc. Please keep these children in your prayers. They do not come from stable homes or families, and need the love of Jesus. Pray they would see hope in the midst of brokenness.

This past week was good, but very hard in many ways. Satan was trying very hard to divide and conquer our group – everyone felt it - and it felt at times like he was succeeding. But he didn’t succeed. ☺ I’m resting in the fact that Satan is conquered already and he can’t separate me from my Father. Please continue to pray for our team spiritually! It is a battle everyday.

I've enjoyed being out here in Yakama so much this summer. I can't begin to describe how much I feel blessed to be a part of this ministry for the summer. God is working out here, and I get to see it and feel it. And sometimes I don't see it or feel it, but God is still working. I'm learning so much about what it means to serve, and that my time is not my own. I'm learning how much more sinful I am than I like to believe. I'm enjoying seeing the beauty in the Yakama culture. And I'm loving our community here: believers, nonbelievers, native americans, whites, dutch, old farmers, mean kids, adorable kids, interns, staff, the Granberries. All of them. I love them.

I should write more, but I will later. I love you all, and I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Please keep me in your prayers, and let me know if I can be praying for you for anything.

I fear no Foe,
with thee at hand to bless.
Ills have no weight
tears lose their bitterness.


love you,