Thursday, November 8, 2007

Halloween Party at Totus Park

Thank you for your prayers related to the annual Halloween Party at Totus. It went very well. We also wanted to thank Kerrin Molten and John Stone for bringing the team out from Bethel Church in Tri Cities to help us. Also, thanks to Lynn Cayton for sending treats and toys for the goody bags we gave out. Chantel Kreiger from Covenant Pres in Issaquah, WA rounded up snacks for us as well. Chuck was also with us for the party. He’s a natural with the children and teens, they love him! About 60 kids from the community came. A lot of our “regulars” were not around that afternoon, though. We shared the gospel and the concept of sanctification by discussing the process of cleaning out the yucky stuff in a pumpkin, putting a happy face on it and a light inside. We pointed out that the work Jesus does in us is similar. He cleans us and forgives us, changes our attitude and heart, and fills us with His Spirit and His light.