Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Great Visit with First Evangelical Presbyterian, Renton, WA

FEPC has been praying for us and supporting us for five years now! They also invite us to their annual missions conference every year! This year was no exception. Once again, we had a wonderful visit with the folks there. We enjoyed staying with Joe Mann (the SRM book keeper) and his wife Janet, meeting the other missionaries involved in the conference, a banquet for the missionaries prepared and served by the missions committee, and seeing many old friends and meeting some new ones. I was very impressed by the number of folks who came up to us saying they were reading the weekly prayer requests and praying regularly for us and the folks here on the rez! Twenty-eight new people signed up to get emails and pray! A young couple (who will remain nameless for the time being) expressed serious interest in joining us full time! They are going to pursue the possibility.