Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Broncheau Girls' Car Wreck

Not long after Chuck arrived we got a call from Katie Broncheau. She and her sister Sam (both teens) had just had a car wreck. Chuck and I jumped in the truck and rushed to the scene. Katie had lost control of the car (she was going too fast because she had a fight with her brother), left the road, plowed through about 50 yards of vineyard, finally stopping in someone’s front yard about 6 feet from the house. Chuck and I were pretty much the first people on the scene. Both girls had cuts and bruises but neither was seriously hurt. They had hit 6 or 7 posts in the orchard and one had nearly come through the windshield and would have hit Sam. The girls were in shock.
The sheriff decided that they were going 134 mph when they left the road. I don’t see how this could be anywhere close to the truth. Katie is facing “reckless endangerment” charges. Please pray for her.