Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good Times with My Folks

My Dad (Perry Granberry) and his wife (Robyn) came to visit in early October just in time for the State Fair (which is hosted by the town of Yakima) and my 38th birthday! Our family enters a lot of things in the fair each year ranging from photography to zucchini to homemade birdhouses to canned vegetables to chickens! In the end we came home with about 50 ribbons and $50 in prize money! We’ve discovered that the fair is even more fun when you have a variety of items to search for. Dad and Robyn really enjoyed the time there as well.
I had a great birthday. I was able to play golf with Dad, go for a bike ride with David, and eat out at a steak place with the whole family!
Overall, the time we had with Dad and Robyn was enjoyed by each of us very much and we were very grateful that they were able to come out to see us. As you can imagine (or may know from experience), time with extended family is precious when you live 3000 mile from home!