Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Latest Update from Jesse, Sarah, and Adelaide Dempsen

Greetings in Christ,

It's already April and once again we are excited to report another wonderful month of blessings and joy in our Lord.

Last weekend we drove to Spokane, WA for some support meetings and to share during the Sunday School classes at Foothills Community Church. This trip was such a blessing on many levels, although we were sad that we weren't able to visit with Jesse's family since they have been ill for the past few weeks. We have been so encouraged by God's constant care for us and I have been trying to keep track of the many ways He has provided during the past few months for all of our needs. The most recent one is related to our trip to Spokane. We decided at the last minute to book a hotel room for our weekend trip, knowing that if we did so, money would be particularly tight for the rest of the month. We prayed about it and found a great deal on a room not far from the church and the families we were planning to meet with. While Jesse finished his workday, I stopped frequently to pray for God's provision. I asked Him to continue increasing our faith in His sovereign plan and provision, so I shouldn't have been surprised when He, once again, provided for us in an unexpected way: when Jesse checked the mail, there were two checks waiting for us, both of which we knew were on their way eventually. The fact that they both came on the same day and on the very day when we were taking a leap of faith was a beautiful demonstration of how easy it is for our Awesome God to provide for our every need. These small miracles have been happening every week for months now, and I take such joy in writing of His goodness to us. Praise the Lord!

Here are some other praises:
  • We are now at 40% of our monthly support, very close to the 50% we need to be be able to start living on the support that's being sent so Jesse can work on support raising full time! Support raising is hard work and time consuming, and we long for the ability to devote all of our energies to it instead of doing it only in the evenings and on weekends. If you have pledged monthly support to us but haven't started giving, now would be a great time so we can have an income during full time support raising. Join us in praying that this month would bring us another 10% closer to our goal!
  • Praise the Lord for a wonderful trip to Spokane and for the families that were willing to meet with us and even invite other families to join for our sharing time! Thank you to Foothills Community Church for allowing us to come share during your Sunday School hour! If you are from Spokane or North Idaho and are interested in meeting with us or hearing more, we are planning another trip to the area at the end of April, so please let us know if you're interestedin meeting us for coffee! You can reply to this email or give us a call: 253-639-3087
  • We have been asked to be the missionaries supported by First Evangelical Presbyterian Church's Vacation Bible School this summer, which means we will get to share with many children and adults about the work the Lord is doing on the Yakama Reservation, and will receive the offering from the week to go toward our ministry with Sacred Road. We are so excited and thankful for this opportunity!
  • Praise for the three Spring Break teams that just finished their work in White Swan! You can see current videos here:
Ways you can pray for us, Sacred Road, and the Yakama Indians this month:
  • Pray for continued endurance, diligence, and success in the work of support raising as we send out "batches" of letters to potential supporters and continue doing many phone calls. Pray that we will be at 50% of our monthly pledges by the end of April!
  • The Granberrys and the team in White Swan will be having a baptism service in a couple weeks on April 6th. Jack Spencer, his grandson Dante, and others will be baptized at the Longhouse during the Tuesday night Bible Study. Please pray for this service, for the families of those to being baptized to come, and for protection again spiritual warfare.
  • Please pray for families and churches, especially in Washington State, to be lit with passion and energy to minister with us to Native America by going, seeing, giving, and working!

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership with us in the gospel! For pictures and other news, visit our blog at
Let us know if you have questions or other thoughts - we always love to hear from you!

Love in Christ,
Jesse, Sarah, and Adelaide